5 Tips To Be A Good Athletic Coach

1. Patience: Takes time to develop an athlete, so don’t rush their progress. Think about their long term future. Even takes time to become a coach. Remember the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day.

2. Listen to the athlete: Ask the athlete how they feel. Can they go another rep? Are they carrying a injury? I always ask the athlete. Last night at the track the young athlete I was coaching was doing reps of 200m hurdles at 400m set hurdle distance. After completing 3, the next stage was at 300m distance. He completed one, I could see he was flagging a little, bearing in mind we had been working on hurdling technique with loads of drills. So he completed one rep and then I asked how do you feel? I think I am done coach. Quality reps is what we were after, not quantity. Off to your cool down. That was the end of the session. So listen to their view.

3. Be knowledgeable about your event: Always try to keep updated on your event. Read, research and attend coaching workshops. Even if you take away one new piece of knowledge that might help your athletes on the road to success. This is being knowledgeable about your event. Pass on all your knowledge, it helps everyone become a better a coach and athlete.

4. Keep learning your trade: This takes time, experience is a must to becoming a good coach. Example, I have been working with a coach at my new athletic club. He is 80 years old and is no doubt very experienced. Every now and then he gives me advice on the athletes. So don’t think you know it all about everything. Learn from the masters.

5. Passion: Having passion rubs off to your athlete. If they see you motivated and passionate about their athletic future, they will also become passionate about the sport. So give coaching your best in everything you do.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me at this blog. The purpose is to help coaches and sprinters get the edge on new research, training methods and advice to help you become successful.

The idea is for me to do the research to find training methods and put them together on the blog to save you time and hours, that should be spent on the track or gym gaining the technique and fitness required to gain the advantage over the competition.

I found that I was spending more time researching rather than being with my athletes trying to improve their performance. So I will be featuring videos on training and preparing for competition and I hope that the advice will help you meet the challenges we all face to get the best out of athletes.

So for now look out for the series to come.